OSHA Emergency Covid-19 Rule Standard Goes Into Effect July 6, 2021

Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) emergency temporary standard (ETS) protecting healthcare workers from Covid-19 goes into effect on July 6, 2021. A copy of the final draft is available here. The ETS focuses on healthcare workers most likely to have contact with someone infected with the virus. This includes employees in hospitals, nursing homes, […]

StockX’s Website TOU Cannot Compel Arbitration of California Plaintiffs’ Class Action

StockX failed to convince a federal Michigan judge that California plaintiffs should have to arbitrate their data breach lawsuit here in Michigan under its website’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (“TOU”). Why it Matters: This case involves issues every business with an online presence must address. Failing to properly consider these issues can impose […]

Coronavirus Closed Your Business; Can You Recover Your Losses?

With Coronavirus business losses mounting, compensation may be available through business interruption insurance. Companies in Michigan and across the United States have and will be impacted by Covid-19, a strain of coronavirus. As of March 22, 2020, Michigan reported 1035 cases, up from 2 confirmed cases on March 10, 2020. Nationally, the number of confirmed […]

Sex Toy Maker Sued over Data Collection through App

Sex Toy company sued for its collection of data through app that pairs with its vibrator. A lawsuit filed on 1/31/2018 alleges a sex toy company unlawfully collected customer information about when and how often they use its vibrators. The suit is seeking damages and other relief for violations of federal wiretap law, intrusion on […]